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As a cinematographer, I focus on delivering carefully planned shot list, blocking, and lighting plan to efficiently move on the set. My vision is to create autentic and moody look of each scene to help understand the story and visually trigger audience's emotional response. I operate on professional cameras like arri, red, sony, blackmagic as well as wide variety of DSLR and mirrorless - I own Sony A7S with Ronin-S gimbal. Furthermore, in some cases, I use my super 8mm camcorder for artistic purposes. I also have additional experience using different types of steadicams like solo or steadicam pilot-AA Camera Stablization System and many gimbals and stabilisating rigs. 


Editing is the last, very important part of a movie making. A huge merit of a successful project is down to use of appropriate shots, cuts and effects. This, at the end, has an enormous impact on how the audience engage in the movie. I love the editing aspect of cinema as it really is one of the most important tools to tell the story in one or another way. As an editor, I use mainly DaVinci Resolve, Adobe CC suite and Final Cut Pro.


As a photographer, I always try to capture the right moment of a scene by just observing and having my camera in my hands for all the time. In my photography I am aiming to show the naturalness and authenticity of the people, places and events. I think the main thing that makes my pictures unique is their spontaneity. 

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